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X.LA Metaverse

Metasites – vision of future 3D Internet, builds a bridge between Metaverse and AI

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Metasites is a modular 3D internet framework built by XLA, that  provides individual creators with the capacity to deploy their Unreal Engine built content and connect it to the XLA ecosystem of features and services.

Users can transform virtual worlds by creating unique content. This can be the design of their personal domains, clothing, or character.



From the comfort of a floating veranda, command a view of expansive, untouched natural beauty, or surround yourself with awe-inspiring, panoramic mountain vistas. This is a realm where reality is rewritten, and your dreams shape the landscape. 


Step into the opulent realm of Casino location. Here, high-stakes thrill meets unrivaled elegance in a setting that exudes the glamour of Monte Carlo. Under shimmering chandeliers, amidst plush interiors, you can indulge in a world-class gaming experience. 


Explore a home transformed by the extraordinary glow of neon lights. Navigate through rooms bathed in vibrant colors, where everyday objects are reimagined in a luminescent spectacle.


Step aside the Art Gallery location, a serene space where simplicity amplifies creativity. The clean, uncluttered design of the gallery accentuates the vivid masterpieces adorning its walls. Here, each artwork tells a story, each stroke holds emotion.


Welcome to Garage location, a haven for automobile enthusiasts. This space is filled with a stunning car collection, each one a testament to design excellence and engineering prowess.


House builded in the traditional western Suburban space gives you unparalleled access to all the amenities city living has to offer, without the hustle and bustle and noise.

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